Our company is young and innovative.

The founder as well as the whole team are experienced and professional.
It is our passion to enable our customers to increase their well-being for body, mind and soul on a natural basis.
The great success of our products “Gelenkwohl” and “Gelenkwohl” spurs us on to create more aroma care oils every day.
Also and precisely because of the rapid growth of our company, we remain flexible, fast, customer-oriented and familiar.

background and company

OSIRIS Global Holding AG exclusively produces CBD aroma care oils for external use. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in the development of aroma care oils and extracts from the hemp plant. Our knowledge serves to increase your well-being.

OSIRIS Global Holding AG is the first and only supplier specializing in the production and marketing of aroma care oils with CBD for external use throughout Europe. Our team consists of experts in aromatherapy development as well as experienced managers from various industries. All of them can look back on a long and successful professional experience. Out of conviction, enthusiasm and passion for the positive effects of aroma care, we founded the company OSIRIS Global Holding AG based in Oberägeri (Zug-CH) a few years ago.